The coronavirus made our hands something to be sanitized and almost feared. Touched, an interactive experience, allowed the Danish people to use their hands for good, without physically touching.

For every person who took a picture of their hand and uploaded it, Coop donated 5kr (approx. 1 US dollar) to Red Cross’ Coronavirus relief efforts. The hands would also help build an innovative digital monument to serve as a time capsule for this generation and a history lesson for the next.

This technological first embraced the latest advances in Artificial intelligence to create a completely unique interactive digital experience. Working closely with the world-renowned National Gallery of Denmark, 3 specifically chosen artists will use the digital manifestation as inspiration for their own artistic visions, serving as physical monuments of our unity.

Hero film
PR film

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Featured in some of the most renowned industry forums:
The Drum, Muse by Clio, Forbes and more.

Featured in Danish radio programmes, the Danish morning news
and a various of Danish news article channels.

The second phase of the project will start soon,
when the artists from the National Gallery of Denmark has been chosen.

So far, Touched has been running since May 12th focusing mainly on the fact that your contribution leads to a 5 DKK donation to Red Cross.

The following results is a part of this first phase of the project: